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Alignment Consulting and Support

The RelOps Alignment
Program dissolves the
barriers between your
sales and marketing teams.


Who is the RelOps Alignment Program for?

Sometimes, businesses don't want to share that their teams are not doing well. But having misaligned teams is more common than you think. If your business has acknowledged that you could use help with aligning your team, the RelOps Alignment Program is your solution.

This program isn't a quick fix—it's designed for businesses committed to real, lasting change, seeking better teamwork, easier processes, and steady growth.

Our alignment program is right for your business if you want to overcome:

Divergent goals and strategies

Lack of communication
between teams

Inefficient lead management

Disconnects in understanding the customer journey

Incompatible tools and systems

Data quality issues

Unclear accountability
for revenue contribution

Resistance to change

Limited understanding of each team's role

Insufficient feedback loops

Our program caters to businesses seeking to harmonize their sales and marketing efforts and are ready to invest time and effort into achieving impactful change.

What's the alignment process?

We've kept our process pretty straightforward—because who needs more complexity? We'll first look at your teams and how they work (or don't work). We'll share our findings and tell you the unbiased reality of what's going on. Then, we'll give you actionable plans on how you can make things better. And (because we know actually taking those plans and putting them into play is the hardest part) our team will help integrate alignment into your day-to-day operations. 

Alignment Assessment (6–8 weeks):

In-Depth Exploration: We want to understand your teams' challenges, strengths, and opportunities for improvement. We'll get this through detailed intake forms, document and process collection, and insightful interviews.

Findings Summary: Once we have a good idea of your current state, we'll parse through everything collected to create a Findings Summary. This document will outline everything discovered and will help us build out a tailored and strategic foundation for the rest of your alignment journey.


Alignment Roadmap (1–2 weeks):

Translating Insights into Action: Based on what we discover during the assessment findings, we'll craft a detailed roadmap. This roadmap will act as your personalized guide, with actionable steps to help you know exactly what you should do to align your teams.


Alignment Implementation Support (6–18 months):

Hands-On Assistance: With Alignment Support, our team helps your team. We'll work together to put our action plan into use. This can be fixing processes, better communication, or solving technology problems. We are with you all the way.

RelOps Integration: We'll work with your teams and resources to make alignment a normal part of your business. If needed, we can also alleviate some of the tactical workload, so you can continue focusing on things you enjoy.




What's in it for you?

We'll be honest—reaching alignment by yourselves is really hard work. But with the support of our team and your commitment, you're unlocking a journey that promises: 

Harmonized Teams: Silos shattered, forging a united front between sales and marketing teams.

Efficiency Revolution: Streamlined processes and enhanced communication channels.

Crystal-Clear Accountability: Every action contributing to your success, with roles and responsibilities clearly defined.

Customer-Centric Unity: A cohesive, customer-focused approach embedded in your team's DNA.

Strategic Excellence: From roadmap to reality, a strategic transformation that goes beyond the ordinary.

I have been so impressed by this team and the quality of work they have consistently produced. I appreciate that everyone at the company is willing to jump in and have strategic conversations with me about the 'hows' and 'whys' of my Marketing efforts, and then they can go and expertly execute the tactical 'whats' that drive the results I need.
Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing
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Here are some ways our tailored solutions
can help with industry-specific challenges.

Healthcare Sector:
Fragmented patient communication and data silos.

Solution: Our program ensures seamless communication between healthcare teams, breaking down silos for enhanced patient care.

Tech and SaaS Companies:
Rapid changes in technology
leading to misalignment.

Solution: Stay ahead with our adaptive program, aligning sales and marketing teams to navigate tech industry shifts effectively.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain:
Inefficient lead management processes affecting production.

Solution: Optimize lead workflows to ensure timely production and delivery, aligning sales and production teams.

Marketing Agencies:
Collaboration gaps between marketing and sales teams.

Solution: Our program fosters a culture of collaboration, ensuring marketing and sales teams work cohesively towards shared goals.

Financial Services:
Compliance and privacy concerns impacting communication.

Solution: Navigate regulatory challenges with a program that aligns teams while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

E-commerce and Retail:
Balancing omnichannel strategies while maintaining team alignment.

Solution: Our program addresses the dynamic retail landscape, aligning marketing and sales efforts for a cohesive customer experience.

Questions commonly asked by businesses like yours:

The program typically spans 6–18 months, including a comprehensive assessment phase, roadmap development, and ongoing implementation support.

By engaging in our program, you can expect benefits such as breaking down silos, a unified approach, increased efficiency, clear accountability, and cohesive communication.

Yes, our program is adaptable to address the specific challenges and needs of your business. We offer tailored solutions to ensure optimal alignment.

Yes, our program is designed to be adaptable and beneficial for businesses of varying sizes. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each client.

The time commitment varies but typically involves active participation during the assessment phase and ongoing collaboration throughout the implementation support period.

We understand the importance of transparency in pricing. For a breakdown of our RelOps Alignment Program costs and available packages, please visit our pricing page.

Yes, the RelOps Alignment Program is designed to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Involvement from both teams is crucial to achieving seamless collaboration and unified goals.

Ideally, yes. Senior leadership support ensures alignment goals are aligned with broader business objectives and fosters a culture of collaboration throughout the organization.

Yes, active participation is encouraged during the assessment phase and throughout the program. It ensures a comprehensive understanding of team dynamics and challenges.

To tailor our program to your specific needs, gather insights on:

  • Current Pain Points: Detailed challenges faced by your teams.
  • Goals: Your overarching business and team alignment objectives.
  • Existing Processes: Insights into your current lead management and communication workflows.
  • Team Dynamics: Understanding your team structure, roles, and communication styles.

Depending on your team and existing resources, we can collaborate to alleviate some tactical workload. Our focus is on the practical integration of alignment into your day-to-day operations. While we won't prescribe specific tactics, we're here to enhance your team's effectiveness, providing support based on your unique requirements.

We stand by our commitment to delivering exceptional service. If, within the first 30 days, you find that your experience with the Brightlark team isn't meeting your expectations, we offer a full refund with no questions asked. This risk-free guarantee ensures you can confidently choose our agency without worrying about the commitment.

How aligned are your sales and marketing teams?

Take our free quiz, get insights into your team's current score, and see whether a review of your team's alignment is necessary.


Ready to achieve lasting collaboration? Explore our pricing plans for the right fit.
Or, if you're looking for personalized guidance, talk to an Alignment Advisor.