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Drive more compelling results with paid search and social media ads.

Paid search management ensures that you only advertise to people who are looking to buy from you. Discover how we can partner with you on paid search and social media ad strategies that drive real results.

Paid Search Services

We know keywords and bid management like the back of our hands.

Brightlark takes the guesswork out of gaining quality conversions. When partnering with us for
paid search and paid social services, you can expect cleverly built campaigns, unique ad copy and creative,
and budgeting advice built to optimize results.

Paid Search

Paid search allows you to pay to place an ad above or alongside organic search results as they are displayed on the search engine results page. Paid search helps supplement your efforts to get found online and can improve your organic search efforts over time.

Paid Social

Businesses utilize social media advertising because of the targeting options. If you’re looking to reach a very specific audience, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads can help you gain awareness and drive leads for your business.


On average, it takes eight touches with a prospect to make a sale. By including retargeting, or remarketing, efforts in your marketing strategy, you’ll keep your business top of mind for leads and be more likely to nurture them through to a sale.

Get familiar with our process for paid search.

The strategy behind an effective paid search campaign is quite simple, yet incredibly complex. Many agencies overthink the PPC process. We prefer a fine balance, all the while keeping our number one goal in mind: getting you conversions and customers.

Keyword Research

There are countless ways to find inspiration for keywords or search queries. We take the time to get into the mind of your ideal customer.


We want to make sure that we’re targeting people that will convert. We utilize location, device type, ad inventory and more to find the right people.

Budget Setting

We work with you to set a budget based on your traffic and conversion goals. We’ll recommend a solid bidding strategy to help you hit your KPI goals.


We utilize Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to make sure your tracking codes are properly installed and recording conversions. 

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