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Digital Marketing & Business Discovery

Starting a new partnership with a digital marketing agency can be intimidating, especially when you aren't sure they fully understand your business. At Brightlark, we combat this information gap by ensuring our first steps involve getting to know your business from the beginning.


Digital Marketing Analysis & Alignment

We look at the health of your website and SEO, paid media, and social media to understand what's working well for your business and where there may be opportunities for improvement. 

HubSpot Customer Platform

Whether you are considering switching platforms, or have been using HubSpot for a while, we can help. From portal setup and onboarding to audits and consulting, let's enhance your HubSpot customer platform and optimize how you run your inbound marketing campaigns.

Qualified Leads and Target Audience

We'll work with you to understand what constitutes a lead, MQL, and SQL so we can clearly understand how information flows. We can also help you define your ideal customer type through a buyer persona and the process they go through to achieve a goal with your business with a journey map.

Reporting & Goal Tracking

We will evaluate the setup of your analytic account(s) and track goals to ensure the correct type of information is being collected, so we can trust and use reported data to drive our marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing and Business Resources


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