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How migrating to HubSpot improved sales & marketing alignment

As industry leaders in mortgage loan processing, wemlo® allows brokers to directly connect with the nation's largest processing network. The company wanted to migrate to a more robust marketing and sales solution and knew Brightlark was a HubSpot partner agency who could help them accomplish their goals.

The challenge of outgrowing an existing marketing automation platform

The wemlo team found it increasingly difficult to make their existing marketing automation and CRM platform work for their growing company. Knowing the company’s rapid growth was dependent on finding a more robust marketing automation and CRM platform, wemlo began vetting potential solutions that could help propel them to the next level. 

The story of wemlo

As pioneers in the contract processing industry, wemlo connects mortgage brokers with one of the nation's largest processing networks.

Its processing technology streamlines the entire workflow of the mortgage transaction, starting by providing access to an all-in-one digital platform.

Having a complete understanding of the mortgage broker technology landscape, wemlo has become one of the most robust technology solutions a mortgage broker has experienced to date.

They firmly believe that a leader in wholesale mortgage processing is required to defragment the technology while providing an agnostic processing platform.




Why wemlo chose Brightlark

“I discovered Brightlark about 7-8 years ago as they were the agency on retainer with the company I had just begun working for. I developed a great relationship with Matt and my account manager at that time.

What won me over with Brightlark initially was the care they took in just our first interaction; they truly cared about me understanding the material they were presenting and helped set me on a path to get my certifications in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other disciplines via HubSpot Academy.

As our relationship continued, I fought for Brightlark because of how our account was taken care of. This was very much a back-and-forth relationship where we each leaned on each other because both parties had knowledge of material the other didn't: my company knew the hospitality industry, and Brightlark knew inbound marketing and digital advertising.

Account managers from Brightlark have always come to the table with ideas but looked to me for not just verification but explanation and questions about how it applied to our company and if this was the right fit or not. It is that kind of relationship which is what led me to choose Brightlark over other agencies.

A lot of firms will tell you they want to be a part of your team, but Brightlark is the only agency I've worked with where that phrase was backed up in actions.

With wemlo, we are typically required to consider at least 3 vendor options for projects like this. Due to my great experience and history with Brightlark at former employers, they naturally became one of the three options and the one I largely advocated for.”

-Kyle G., Digital Marketing Manager



The Results

Upon completion of the migration, wemlo saw improvements in their sales activity and processes, gained access to customized reporting for each team member to help make better decisions, and streamlined their marketing operations with automation. 

The move to HubSpot's customer platform also allowed them to consider additional functionality, including how to start integrating their own in-house application platform with HubSpot.  


Ready for your team to align better?

Do you feel your sales, marketing and service teams would benefit from better reporting, automation enhancements, and effective alignment to produce a better customer experience? Contact Brightlark today to discuss how we can put HubSpot to work for your organization.