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Creating more visibility through on-page optimizations

Today’s Dental is a locally owned and operated dental clinic with 6 offices around the Omaha, Nebraska area. Their core services pages were lacking helpful content that drove people to action. After re-writing and optimizing the on-page content, Today’s Dental saw huge improvements in their organic listing on Google.

The Challenge

Today’s Dental knew the importance of having high quality content that speaks to a certain audience, and is optimized for search engines, but they felt that the pages on their website that spoke to the core services they provide could be better. The current pages only had simple explanations of the services and they lacked high quality keywords and calls to action.

The Brightlark Digital team created a plan to collaboratively create keyword rich content for each of the twelve pages. This was accompanied by an internal linking strategy that would help search engines understand the context of the pages and make the website navigation more simple for users.


The Story of Today’s Dental

Today’s Dental is a locally owned and operated chain of dental clinics throughout the Omaha, Nebraska area, and they’ve been providing dental services to the community for over forty years. They are dedicated to helping patients achieve oral health safely, comfortably, and confidently. 

The Results

After relaunching the newly optimized content, the number of unique pageviews against these pages more than doubled and the average time spent on page rose by 67% year over year. Re-writing with keywords in mind also helped improve overall search rankings. Using Google Search Console, we could see that these pages saw a 256% lift in total impressions, and a 1,257% lift in clicks from Google’s organic results. 



YoY increase in average time spent on page


lift in total impressions


increase in organic clicks

Looking to improve your website content?

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