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The Receptionist: Organic Traffic Growth

The Receptionist offers visitor management software that businesses use daily. They noticed a dip in year over year traffic and hired Brightlark to increase organic traffic 25% to 25,000 monthly sessions from November ‘21 to June ‘22. 

The Challenge

The Receptionist noticed a continual decline in organic sessions and engagement, which provides their main source of lead generation. 

How We Helped

After earning The Receptionist’s trust with the successful execution of a HubSpot portal audit, Brightlark developed a holistic SEO approach to improve website health, content, and authority with Google based on historical metrics and keyword rankings. Here, we could identify which SEO tasks would impact the most to solve The Receptionist’s specific traffic issue.



increase in organic traffic


sessions by June

Results and Future Plans

Brightlark Digital was able to grow The Receptionist's organic sessions to nearly 30,000 sessions by February, beating their projected goal 3 months earlier than expected. In addition, by the expected end date, sessions were up 82%.