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Driving More Qualified Leads Through Paid Search

Cariant Health Partners is a staffing agency that connects traveling healthcare professionals in the US with their dream jobs. They know that being in a new place with a new job can be an overwhelming experience, so they pride themselves on creating more meaningful relationships and providing extra support to their travelers versus their competitors.

The Challenge

Cariant knew that paid search campaigns are an effective way to generate qualified traffic to their website, but they didn’t know where to start when it came to identifying quality keywords and setting up tracking to see applicants through from search to submitted application.

Before Brightlark's campaign optimizations, Cariant was targeting keywords that weren't performing well and running ads that weren't pulling in relevant traffic. Because of improperly placed tracking tags, it wasn’t clear what keywords were driving conversions, and how much those conversions cost.

The Results

After taking over Cariant’s existing Google Search campaigns, we took a couple of weeks to audit tracking codes that were put in place, and then strategically rebuilt campaigns after identifying the highest quality keywords and re-writing ad copy. Over the first 6 months after launching the new campaigns the average number of monthly conversions rose 394% while reducing cost per conversion by 72%.



increase in average monthly conversions


decrease in cost per conversion

Looking for similar results?

If you are having similar issues with your paid search campaigns, or feel like your PPC efforts could use an overhaul, request a call with the Brightlark team. We’d love to learn more about your goals.