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Inbound Marketing Secrets: How to increase sales using buyer personas


In today’s internet landscape of ad blockers, spam folders, and increasingly short attention spans, it has never been more Inbound Marketing Secretsdifficult for sales professionals to deliver the right message to the right audience. Internet users are selective about the information they seek and salespeople and marketers cannot afford to waste time and resources targeting the wrong buyers for their products and services.


Think about the last time you received an email for an offer that was completely irrelevant to you. You most likely viewed the title offering “Free Grasshopper Training Classes” with annoyance, marked the email as spam, and then proceeded to search for information that is valuable to you. Rather than using this “spray and pray” method and blindly targeting as many people as possible for an offer, salespeople need to be strategic in determining the buyers that are the best fit for their given product or service. In order to do this follow the #1 rule of inbound marketing,  and develop the persona of the buyer you wish to target.


Building a list of targeted buyer personas will enable you to send a strategic and specific message that relates to the audience you wish to attract. It will allow you to relate with these personas on a number of levels including their professional and personal goals, hobbies and interests, and challenges and obstacles they wish to overcome.


There are four inbound marketing best  practices to consider when creating buyer personas:


  1. Focus on motives behind behaviors
  2. Keep personas fictional, but still realistic
  3. Choose one primary persona
  4. Tell your persona’s story


[Learn how to develop your buyer personas here] 


Now that you have used these best practices to create the persona’s you wish to target, you can craft a message for each buyer that is specific to their goals and challenges and will therefore be highly relatable and valuable. Watch as your email open-rates and responses skyrocket because you have identified the most relatable content to share with your most ideal buyers.


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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
January 4, 2016

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