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Eleven Reasons You Need to Try Facebook Advertising

There are few things stranger than relying on the same old school marketing tactics for your business. We're no longer living in the 80's, where it's acceptable to rely on radio communication to connect with your audience. Facebook advertising is a great way to create brand awareness, increase traffic to your site and generate leads and sales for your business. If you're already investing time and energy on Facebook, expanding into Facebook advertising should be a no-brainer. 

Here are Eleven's 11 reasons to invest in Facebook advertising:
Barb Pool.jpg
1. Huge Pool of People
Unlike poor Barb, alone in Steve's pool, there are 2 billion users active on Facebook. More and more people are choosing to engage on the site, and that means better opportunities to reach your target audience. 

2. Billions of Active Users

Not only is the Facebook audience enormous, a huge portion of the users visit the site every day and spend 1.72 hours there on average. Time spent on social media platforms now accounts for a third of our daily internet activities. Unlike the Upside Down, people are actually choosing to spend their time there.

3. Organic Reach is Dead

Will Byers would tell you that, just like riding your bike alone after dark, it's unsafe to rely on organic Facebook reach to get the most out of your posts. Sadly, less that 5% of your Facebook fans are actually seeing your updates in their newsfeed. Facebook ads give your content more visibility, which in turn, boosts your organic reach. 

4. Amplifies Your Content

It's not feasible to shout your brand message through a megaphone or string up Christmas lights in your living room to communicate with your target audience. If you have an important message that you'd like to share or content that you'd like to amplify, Facebook ads help you reach audiences outside your fan base. 


5. Grows Your Social Presence

One of the added bonuses to advertising on Facebook is the bump you'll see to your Facebook following. Just as Mike fell for Eleven, Facebook users will fall for your brand, and "Like" your page, as they see more and more content they like from you. This is important because prospects and customers who interact with a business on social media spend more money with the business than those who do not. 

6. Inexpensive Option

You don't need a huge budget to compete on Facebook. Advertisers are generally able to reach 10,000 - 15,000 Facebook users with under $100 in spend. The low cost of advertising on Facebook allows you to test different targets, ad copy, images and more, without a huge hit to your marketing budget. 

7. Targeting Capabilities 

Whether you're looking to advertise Eggo waffles to preteens or hospital gowns to medical facilities, Facebook allows advertisers to get very specific with their targeting. Businesses can target ads based on location, age, gender, interests, job title, area of study or even through connections. No other ad platform allows you to get that granular with your targeting. 

8. Offers a Variety of Placements

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the Facebook Ads manager got a little bit more exciting. Not only can businesses target users in the Facebook newsfeed, right column and through the Audience Network, you can also advertise on Instagram, right from Ads Manager. There are plenty of placements and ad styles to meet the needs of your business. 

9. Remarketing Is Powerful

Chocolate pudding.gif

Let's say a young man, named Dustin, visits Amazon in search of a case of chocolate pudding. He may discover that the lunch ladies at his school have actually been hoarding the pudding and abandon his online search. Despite ending his search, there's a good possibility that Dustin will soon encounter pudding ads on Facebook. There's a reason advertisers go after the people who have abandoned their search for a product - because remarketing works. Facebook remarketing can be extremely powerful when it comes to closing sales or generating downloads. 

10. Made for Small and Medium Businesses

It's safe to assume that most small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) don't have monstrous marketing budgets. Business owners need to make every dollar count when it comes to the budget, and Facebook allows owners and marketers to keep a very close eye on ROI. 

11. Facebook Advertising Works

If the Upside Down had Facebook, there's a good possibility the Hawkins police department would have been able to connect with Will and Barb faster through Facebook advertising. Bottom line, Facebook advertising is one of the easiest ways to reach new or existing audiences and drive more leads for your business. 

If you're relying on supernatural forces to grow your business, you could be making a grave mistake. Schedule a free 30-minute paid social consultation and find out if Facebook advertising is right for your business!

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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
October 24, 2017

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