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Communicating with Your Customers in Times of Crisis

As a small business owner, you are most likely facing uncertain times ahead. Our collective world has been turned upside down in the wake of a global pandemic, and businesses are being impacted dramatically. Many companies are unable to function on all cylinders and some being forced to shut their doors completely. But while many business owners feel they are at a standstill, choosing to halt their usual marketing and advertising strategies, it's more important than ever for businesses to focus their strategy on adapting to the new challenges being thrown their way. What does that mean for marketing? Don't go dark.


Stay Connected With Your Customers

It is essential for your company to remain present and visible to your customers during this difficult and uncertain time. While it may not be business as usual, we can (and should) find common ground—focus on providing your customers with truly valuable content that can help guide them throughout this crisis. Ensure that you are communicating this information to them in an effective and empathetic manner. If there is one positive aspect of this crisis, it is that we are all in this together. Every individual is being impacted by this crisis in some way, and as a company, it's important to relate to your customers and their needs at this time.


Tips For Communicating With Your Customers

  • Adapt Your Message To Your Client's Needs

While this is not a time for hard sales tactics, consider how you can still provide a unique yet valuable experience for your customers during this time. Think outside the box to find some way you can fill a need under the current circumstances. Virtual options are popping up in various industries, with companies offering virtual consultations, classes, and even events. 

  • Put Yourself in Your Client's Shoes

There's no doubt that many have been severely affected by this unexpected crisis, having to navigate difficult challenges and obstacles. This is uncharted territory here. Take the time to consider this event from the perspective of your customers: what are their needs, their struggles, and challenges? Think of how you can provide a solution to them during this time. Most individuals are currently working from home, and many parents are also grappling with a new normal of essentially home-schooling their children (teachers, hats off to you). This presents a unique set of problems for many working professionals. From delivery to time management, entertainment, and fitness instruction, there are a number of new problems that need creative solutions. How can your particular business help your customers through these challenges? 

  • Show Compassion & Empathy

The reality is that this is a global and unprecedented crisis with a drastic impact on society. This crisis has created a threat to people's health and finances. Now is not the time to make light of a difficult situation but rather to lend your understanding and compassion to your customers through personalized interactions with your clients. Be a kind person, a real human, a friend—let that show in your customer communication.

  • Let Your Creativity Flow

Consider your current social media presence and think of different platforms you can use to draw your customer's attention and provide them with valuable content. Short videos, a podcast, or even a just-for-fun blog post can be a welcome addition to your current strategy. The "boredom scroll" is real right now—and advertising on Facebook is currently proving lucrative for many businesses. Take advantage of this audience and remain present with a steady stream of well-intended content through your various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Look Beyond the Current Crisis & Plan for the Future

Devise a strategy and plan for the weeks and months to come. The impacts of this crisis will not resolve quickly and will likely have long-lasting effects that will mold consumer behaviors for the foreseeable future. Consider how you can remain a valuable asset to your customers throughout a financial recession. Remain flexible and fluid, keeping your options open to fill the needs presented by your customers and their current struggles.

While there are tough times ahead, the road is filled with the opportunity to adapt and develop new strategies to fulfill your customer's needs. Stay visible and present throughout this crisis, positioning yourself as a reliable and empathetic business that will put their customers first. Maintain open and honest communications with your client base, and we'll all come out stronger on the other side.

Contact us at Brightlark to discuss how we can help your business remain connected with your client base effectively throughout this crisis.


Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
April 14, 2020

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