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Boost Your ROI With Marketing Analytics

The main questions that most digital marketing strategies are trying to solve are: How do I bring traffic to my website? How do I keep this traffic interested and generate leads from it? And, how do I take these leads and convert them into business? The answer to all of these questions is a process of several levers working together.

Having an understanding of how Landing Pages, SEO, Social Media, Email, Business Blogging, and Lead Nurturing all function in a digital strategy will enable you to utilize them effectively. The second half of their efficacy is taking a look back at your strategies once they are built and actively managing and maintaining them.

This is where marketing analytics come in.

Our FREE eBook will cover:Boost ROI with Marketing Analytics

  • Improving Landing Pages with Marketing Analytics
  • Improving SEO with Marketing Analytics
  • Improving Business Blogging with Marketing Analytics
  • Improving Social Media with Marketing Analytics
  • Improving Emails with Marketing Analytics
  • Improving Lead Nurturing with Marketing Analytics 


This eBook will teach you to use analytics to answer questions such as: Are my target keywords generating traffic? Are my landing pages capturing leads? If the click-through rate on my Call-to-Action is sufficient, how can I make it exceptional? Are my social media efforts increasing links back to my website? etc.

Successful digital marketers do not make decisions based on their feelings; their decisions are based on marketing analytics. Once you have spent money on important digital marketing efforts, you will need to learn how to take that data and apply it to your online business decisions.

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Boost your ROI with our free eBook

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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
August 21, 2013

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