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Domain Names & SEO - Do Your Due Diligence

Matt CuttsWe're frequently asked by clients about the cost/benefit of utilizing different domains for SEO.  More often than not, we find ourselves discussing:

  • How canonical URLs impact SEO.

  • How using keywords in the domain or URLs impact SEO.

  • How dynamic URLs impact SEO.

  • How 301 redirects impact domains and SEO.

Matt Cutts addressed the issue of purchasing or utilizing a domain which had flagged by Google, for spam or various "black hat" tactics. While we have yet to have a client approach us with this scenario, this article provides from insightful guidance on how to address this.  

Long story short: Do some research on the domain name in question, before your purchase it, let alone use it!

Here is a link to the great article from Search Engine Land, as well as a great SEO Moz resource for identifying spammy domains, and some guidance from our good friends at HubSpot.

Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
April 10, 2013

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