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Back to Basics: 3 Surprising Ways to Target Your Facebook Ads

targetfbadsLast week we wrote about how to use Instagram for business marketing. This week we're going to dive into some great ways you can target ads on Facebook.

In the past, Facebook has been the target of criticism from advertisers due to limitations in the reach of their ads. But, with over a billion active users, Facebook can still be one of the better options for reaching consumers. Facebook ads now offer some intriguing options to marketers who want to target specific sorts of users. When considering your idea buyer profile, think about some of the following characteristics that you can specify in your Facebook ads:

Advanced Geotargeting

Just like being able to target PPC ads by location, Facebook allows advertisers to target ads to people based on location. Combinations include targets such as country and state, country and city, state and city and state and ZIP code. This can allow you to laser target for local business or pick geographic areas based on how likely audiences in that area are to buy.


Target by Education or Employment

As a Facebook user, have you noticed that the platform is asking for more information about your work and school life? While some have mused that the social network might be taking a swing at go-to business network LinkedIn, the new push for this demographic information has a more immediate purpose. It allows advertisers to target people in certain professions more easily than ever. For instance, if you have a product that you feel would be of special interest to someone in IT, you can choose work titles that fit that profile.


Relationship-based Targeting

Selling vacation packages that would be great for a honeymoon? Facebook allows you to choose to show your ads to people who got engaged within the last six months. You can also make sure your dating ads are seen by single folks or show ads for baby goods to the newly expecting.


Targeting by Web-Activity & Interests

Facebook now also allows advertisers to show their ads to people based on what they are doing elsewhere on the web. Options involve online purchases, check-ins, website visits and device usage. This opens up great opportunities for marketing to people based on related interests. For instance, someone who just bought a grill online might also be interested in products that range from barbecue sauce to outdoor furniture. Think creatively about what other products people who match your customer profile would also be interested in. By marketing to them after they've made a related purchase, you catch them at a time when they could be especially receptive to your offerings.


Of course, as with any online targeting, time will have to tell how accurate Facebook's information is. Additionally, it pays to remember that people do not always share everything with their social network of choice. But, the new information can be a boon to those who want to give Facebook ads another look.


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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
May 30, 2014

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