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6 Ways to Use Facebook’s Multi-Product Ads in Your Content Marketing 

On February 17, 2015, Facebook flexed its influential muscle and showed us once again how and why it stays at the top of the marketing heap by rolling out their multi-product ads. While retailers were giddy with anticipation at the idea of being able to show as many as 5 products, services, or promotions in one ad in members’ news feeds, content marketers looked on, the gears turning as they thought “how can we utilize this?” Here’s the outcome of that query – and it’s quite brilliant.

Multi-Offer Ads

MOAs allow you to create series or promote several blog posts at a time and you can use it to showcase your hot deals or coupons – or go for a creative combination. Wrap your content around it and get your audience talking. Retailers use it with great success; content marketers can fare just as well.

Multi-Location Ads

Say your business has three locations. With multi-location ads you can show each of these locations based on locations that you target. You choose a location and customize your advertising to that audience, putting your local business right in front of them on their time line. Now the power to engage your audience and grow your customer base is in the palm of your hand. 

Multi-UGC Ads

User generated content, or UGC, can exponentially increase your interaction rates – when used correctly. Utilizing several different, authentic customer images to give your content a boost and get your audience talking and sharing. Combine it with a cool contest or drawing and watch the engagement go through the roof.

Multi-Product Ads

Also known as MPAs, these ads allow you to showcase several products at a time. However, if you drop in your copy, accompanying image, and landing page, Facebook’s multi-product ad becomes your multi-content ad. Plug in your content and your audience can scroll through to view your content and interact with your business. 

Multi-Service Ads

Multi-service ads allow you to view several different services that are offered by a company, restaurant, or other business. It can also show your diversity in content creation. Whether you are promoting blog posts, web content, or even sales copy, the field is wide open for you to display a variety of services that you offer as a content developer, or services your company offers.

Multi-Option Ads

The multi-option ad is an outstanding engagement tool. Post your several blog posts or deals, or whatever strikes your fancy, then ask your audience which is their favorite or ask some other question to get them talking, commenting, and sharing.

When people come across great content they are going to share it. Visual content grabs audiences and compels them to engage. By using Facebook’s multi-product ads as part of your content marketing strategy, you reach more people and make more contacts than you would by using organic Facebook promotion. You’ll have to take some time to analyze your audience so you can effectively target your content ads appropriately, but once you iron out the kinks, the sky is the limit.


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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
July 30, 2015

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