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5 Reasons Why PPC Management with an Agency Makes Sense


The front line of Google and any other search engine results page (SERP) begins with paid search. I’m sure by now you have seen some sort of advertisement from a competitor online and thought, I need to give this a try. Google’s tutorials make it seem easy to start and I can run my own campaigns.” 

Technically that is true, and it is very easy to get started, but in all honestly, Google is just showing you the tip of a huge iceberg that is just continuing to grow and grow. I know you are probably thinking, “Well that’s fine, I can still give it a small test or run and see if I get any results.”  You absolutely can and will be able to send traffic to your site, but whether that traffic is good or bad is another conversation. You also will have to loop in your overall spend, and if you cannot prove that you are gaining revenue or improving your ROI (which is very much possible) it will ultimately be an investment that very may be a lost cause. 

google.pngPartnering with an accredited agency that handles other PPC accounts, if not similar ones, who have established themselves as experts in that field, allows you to gain top level expertise and analysis to move your account in the right direction. If you are like me and can only do the small things when it comes to working on cars, think about it like this: I take my car in for expert service knowing that I do not have the same tools or knowledge as the specialists in the shop.

Below are 5 important reasons to consider partnering with an agency to manage your PPC account:

1. Conversions/Tracking 

Your AdWords account or any online advertising efforts are only good if you are properly tracking leads, sales, email submits, etc. and this requires a technical background in setting up code and other tracking events to make sure every form is properly tracking or you'll be able to see when someone click to calls from your site. All of this ties back into the AdWords account, which allows you to make optimizations according to the conversions you have captured, for example.

2. Research and Analysis  

There are a ton of free and paid tools available that will provide keyword lists for you. Although, some good keywords might be present, it’s best to consult with people who do this for a living and enjoy what they do. It doesn’t stop there either, knowing how to properly A/B test and analyze the data takes the human element out of the decision making and allows the data to do the talking. The paid search landscape is always evolving, with new betas that become the new hot product that AdWords can offer. 

3. Campaign Strategies & Account Settings 

Getting into the weeds of a google AdWords account can be a daunting task. Knowing the in’s and out’s of any platform gives you the best advantage to take the best control over the account. Properly structuring your campaigns make it easy for you to find hidden gems in products or services that you were not able to promote before AdWords, but are able to capture now and start to grow that side of the business. Settings can make or break any account. From Search Network Partner to Display Select to Search Only, you could end up spending thousands of dollars and not see any return. 

4. Tools/Certifications/Resources 

Agencies today have access to a number of tools that make analyzing data a lot easier. Some of these tools are bid management software, such as Kenshoo, that provide the resources of taking control of bids and optimizing on their rule based and model based algorithmic-decision making. Today, most agencies are specialized in some way or another. Find ones that are Premier Partners with Google, since those agencies have a direct line to resources that Google can provide on the back end.


5. Time Management 

Account strategizing, creation, implementation, optimization is a huge time suck and if you do not have the appropriate resources to tackle these areas having a dedicated Account Manager overseeing the account on a day to day basis provides insight that you may not see. Paid search is just one piece to the puzzle and can swallow any free time you may have dipping into other important tasks that might be at hand for your company. 

These are just five reasons to consider an agency for PPC management. The list of reasons are there for you to see anywhere. I suggest you do your research on potential advertising agencies, to make sure you find the right one that has your company’s best interest in mind. If you would like to see how we could improve your account, request a free audit of your current PPC account.

Talk with our team and learn how you can increase your visibility with paid media.

Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
September 18, 2017

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