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4 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Number of Inbound Leads

It's rare for someone to pull the trigger on a big purchase right away. Savvy customers can sometimes take several months to research and come to a decision. To help build a relationship between them and your brand, continual contact is key. When you grow your email list, you are also adding new leads to the pipeline who will be more willing to buy your wares. Asking for an email address is easier than asking them to spend thousands of dollars on your products. But, there's still some finesse needed to spur sign-ups and dramatically build your list. Today, were going to share our top 4 tips for increasing your number of email signups and inbound leads.

1. Give Away Something of Value

Putting valuable exclusive content like ebooks, reports or videos behind a sign-up form can be one of the most effective lead generation tactics to increase your number of email signups. Use a dedicated landing page so that visitors are not distracted or annoyed by visual clutter. Make the form very short - the longer and more invasive a sign-up form is, the less likely it will be filled out accurately. The main information you need is their name and email address so you can start an online conversation. Another way to leverage content for inbound lead generation is through a content upgrade. Requiring an email signup to read the second half of an article, or watch the second half of a video will quickly boost your email subscriber list.

2. End Every Blog Post with a Call to Action

Whenever you post something new on your blog, end with a suggestion that they sign up for your email list (spoiler alert: we added one to the end of this article - let's see if you can find it). As a rule, there should be only one CTA per page. If you have other actions you'd like them to complete, save them for another entry. Make sure your CTA has action-oriented wording that sparks their curiosity and these other CTA essentials to urges them to click.


3. Use Email Pop-ups

Pop-ups like those from SumoMe can be a great way to grow your list of inbound leads when they are paired with enticing offers. Consider offering a 10% discount code for signing up or free shipping on a first order. Pop-ups should be used sparingly. If they show up on every page, it could drive potential customers away.


4. Leverage Their FOMO

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a feeling we're all familiar with. Give visitors an idea of what they are missing by not signing up for your email list. You can highlight testimonials or share the number of subscribers who are getting your insightful updates on a regular basis.

Email is the easiest way to keep up regular contact with potential customers. By building up your email subscriber list and using it frequently, you can build your engagement and steadily move your inbound leads closer to a sale. After increasing your email subscriber list, come explore how to drastically increase your email click through rate, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on our inbound marketing insights.

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Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
November 5, 2015

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