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4 Things You Need to Get More Leads Online in as Few as 12 Hours


If you are wondering about how to dig deeper into your potential Internet market to generate more online leads with a quick turn around, these are the 4 things you will need to make it happen practically overnight.


1. A Marketing Budget: Take 1-2 hours to evaluate 

Marketing is an investment – you won’t get anything unless you are willing to spend! Take an hour or two to see what you have in your marketing budget that you can allocate to new online marketing ventures. If you don’t spend, you won’t gain.

This strategy involves utilizing Paid Search, a marketing channel that allows advertisers to buy qualified traffic for their website. You may be conservative wth your budget initially, or go all in to see what the whole market can bear.


2. A Paid Search Manager to Build Your Keyword Strategy, Write Ads, and Launch an AdWords Account: Spend 3-10 hours for discovery and account strategy/build

Paid search is arguably the best internet marketing channel that allows your business to QUICKLY get visibility at the top of search engine results and find qualified traffic online. Paid search puts your ads in front of your potential target customers at a point in time when searchers have a pain point and are seeking guidance or a solution through a search engine. 

Organic optimization and SEO strategies can take months, quarters, or even years to get you listed on the first page of Google search results based on your competition and the industry. Paid Search allows you to buy your way into search results almost instantaneously, in as long as it takes to build an account and pass Google’s Ad Review Process (2-24 hours). Many online advertisers will utilize Paid Search to show in search results and generate leads until their organic rankings improve over time. As long as you are tracking of your cost per lead and ensuring your are ROI positive through this channel, you can scale your paid search spend to capture the entire market.

80% of all internet searches occur through Google’s search engine, so in the interest of simplifying and getting your business visibility more quickly, focus your efforts and budget on Google AdWords. An expert account manager will know how to build out a keyword strategy that caters to finding your target customers through Google search results. The account manager will need an understanding of your business goals. Take 1-2 hours for a discovery meeting to educate them on the intricacies of your products or services as well as your target cost/lead, budget, intended geographies, etc. A good paid search manager will know the right questions to ask in order to build an AdWords account crafted to cater to your specific business goals.

An expert manager will have the ability to conceive how people will be search for products or services online – this usually starts with understanding of the purchase funnel: identifying a problem, seeking a solution to a problem, or evaluating a solution to a problem. Based on the keywords chosen, the PPC account manager will know best practices for crafting engaging and relevant ad copy to peak interest of the searchers you are trying to engage, and ultimately get clicks back to your website.

Have a 10 cup pot of coffee ready and warming, as well as a few of your account manager’s favorite snacks. The ideation process of an AdWords account is often times the part that takes the most time. Make sure your account manager is adequately fueled to remain focused to ideate an effective and well targeted strategy, and then build it out on the AdWords platform. This can take a few to several hours based on the intricacy of your marketing goals and the paid search strategy.


4. A Website With a Phone Number and Contact Us Form: Spend 0-3 hours on website optimization if necessary, you must already have a website to implement this marketing strategy

Businesses advertising on the internet must have vehicle to do the selling and it all starts with their business websites. We use websites as Internet marketing and sales tools and think of them essentially as your Internet sales rep who should be armed to answer any and all types of sales questions at any moment. When someone clicks on the ads that your paid search manager has built, they will go to your website that should be designed with marketing in mind. Ensuring your website is built with content crafted to your target market will help you affirm that the traffic AdWords is bringing to your website feels engaged and is educated enough to convert into leads. 

At base, your website should provide a few different options for people to convert, rudimentarily a phone number connected to your live sales team and a 'contact us' form to collect contact information for the sales team to reach back out. If you don’t have a phone number at the top of every page of your website, put a ticket in with your webmaster to get that updated. Also ask them to add a Contact Us page and form if you don’t have one.


5. Integration with Your Sales Team1-2 hours to define operations and catch them up on the strategy 

Make sure your sales team is aware that you are running this initiative so they can understand how people are reaching you and better handle the leads that are coming through. Have a quick meeting, draft up an email, shoot out a company wide instant message. Ensure there is someone to answer every phone call that comes through, and that someone is available to speedily reply and follow up with all Contact Us inquiries to increase the sales close rate.  



Once  your account is live and your site is built to convert, you could start to see more leads literally overnight. Getting your business more prominent visibility alongside your competitors in search results can be the difference between sinking or swimming with online lead generation. 

Talk with our team and learn how you can increase your visibility with paid media.



Matt Walde
Post by Matt Walde
November 17, 2015

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