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Brightlark is an extension of your team.

Consider us as an addition to your team, seamlessly integrating with your business and handling the heavy lifting of maintaining your digital presence. As Denver’s first inbound marketing agency, we’ve been helping hundreds of companies accomplish impressive digital feats that accelerate growth and dominate the competition.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You need marketing experts but don’t have the time or resources to hire new employees.
  • Your online marketing campaigns aren’t as successful as you’d like them to be.
  • Your overall marketing strategy feels chaotic and unfocused.
  • You want to be involved and in the loop at all times.

We easily integrate with your existing marketing team, helping to optimize and maximize the success of your digital marketing campaigns. We’re acclaimed experts at creating holistic, customer-focused digital strategies while ensuring our clients are involved in the process. We’ll also happily partner with your existing vendors to coordinate other digital efforts to enhance your online presence.

We believe our services will impact your marketing and lead generation growth the most.

As the drivers of your business's development, it comes naturally that your customers are at the heart of our services. By intentionally focusing on business/marketing discovery, SEO, paid media, and inbound marketing (including design and content), we want to give you the headspace to nurture meaningful, lasting relationships with people interested in your business. 

Our promise: Commitment is hard. If you don’t completely love your experience with the Brightlark team, we will honor a full (100%) refund of any fees paid within the first month.

Our services provide value to your business by:

  • Making it easier to find your business online.

  • Delivering relevant education and information (at the right time).

  • Providing a streamlined and more compelling way for potential customers to engage with your business.

Curious? Check out our successful case studies.

We've helped hundreds of our clients see tremendous success with digital marketing. Here are just a few examples:

The Receptionist

How we increased organic traffic beyond the original goal.

Today's Dental

How we helped a dental practice gain more visibility through on-page optimizations.

We love what we do and appreciate clients like you!

I have been so impressed with this team and the quality of work that they have consistently produced. I appreciate that everyone at the company is willing to jump in and have strategic conversations with me about the “hows” and “whys” of my marketing efforts, and then they can go and expertly execute the tactical “whats” that drive the results I need.
Brightlark has been wonderful. They are one of the few marketing companies we've worked with that, truly, are working in your best interest. They want all their clients to succeed and do everything possible to make sure that happens.
michael-small photo-Bryce
Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing, The Receptionist
Bryce Steckler

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you’re wondering what it would be like to work with us, or you have a question about reshaping your marketing strategy. No problem! Below are some answers to some frequently asked questions, and feel free to contact us for added clarity.

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with an agency over making an internal hire is having access to specialists from many marketing disciplines rather than keeping a narrow focus. Our large and diverse team of experts helps you accomplish your goals faster, more reliably, and more affordably than you could ever do with an in-house hire.

Plus, as a team, we stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. When Google updates its search algorithm for the thousandth time, we’re already on top of it. When your digital media placements need updating, we have the time and talent for it. Any employee you hire could easily become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of digital work to be done, but Brightlark Digital’s team always adjusts to fit your needs.

We typically have bi-weekly meetings with our partners. If it's a week in which a meeting falls, you and your account manager will discuss work that has been done, work that is in progress, and work that is slated to start soon. We also discuss the big picture of your strategy and how we can make nimble adjustments to ensure everything stays on track.

Whenever we’re not meeting with you, we’re hard at work accomplishing your goals. We might be sharpening up your paid search campaigns, implementing on-page SEO optimizations, or digging into the performance of your last campaign and strategizing a plan for the next one.

When you work with Brightlark, your main point of contact will be a skilled and organized account manager. You may also have an SEO specialist, a content specialist, a designer, a paid media specialist, and an experienced project manager all working on your campaign at any given time.

Yes! We’re experts at increasing qualified leads, improving your conversion rate, and helping you land more sales that strengthen your bottom line. For proof, take a look at this case study where we increased conversions by 394%.

Not unless you tell them. We work seamlessly with your team so nobody needs to know you hired us. All they’ll see is an impressive digital presence and delightful customer service, courtesy of your new partnership with Brightlark Digital.

Still have more questions? Let's talk!

We're here as a resource for you. Contacts us now to discuss your online strategy and how we can help you meet and exceed even your biggest digital marketing goals.