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The Receptionist: 300% Increase in Conversions with Paid Search

As a result of major keyword clean-up, ad group consolidation, and improved conversion goal tracking, Denver-based software company The Receptionist saw its conversion rate triple while spending much less per conversion.

Previous Challenges

Before Brightlark's campaign optimizations, The Receptionist was targeting keywords that weren't performing well and running ads that weren't pulling in relevant traffic. They were paying $233 per conversion on Google Ads, and their website had a bounce rate of 80 percent.

How We Helped

Our first priority was to add new keywords, clean up underperforming keywords, and pause or optimize underperforming ad groups based on extensive keyword research. We then updated ad copy to boost relevance, fully filled out all extensions, and consolidated ad groups within campaigns to ensure better ROI.

We were able to reduce CPC and overall cost—while gaining more traffic and conversions—through optimization of settings and bid adjustments. And after cleaning up and updating conversion goals and tracking, The Receptionist's PPC campaigns showed significant improvements from when we got our hands on them.



increase in conversion rate


decrease in bounce rate

Results and Future Plans

By more accurately tracking goals and optimizing ad campaigns, Brightlark has dramatically increased conversions generated by pay-per-click marketing. We will continue our efforts optimizing The Receptionist's PPC account as we research new search terms and implement budget strategies to ensure the best ROI possible. We will update ad copy as needed based on the traffic and conversion rates as well.