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Targeted Facebook Campaign for Education-Focused Agency

By targeting a specific, niche audience of academic administrators for a downloadable guide on Facebook, we were able to achieve an impressive conversion rate and a low cost per lead for SE2, resulting in 19 valuable leads in just two and a half months.

Previous Challenges

SE2, a communications agency that specializes in helping clients make an impact at the heart of today’s most challenging issues—including education—wanted support to improve its audience targeting and lead generation.

How We Helped

The agency created a guide to help two-year and trade schools appeal to Gen-Z. As the paid social advertising partner, we then launched a conversion campaign for the effort on Facebook. We targeted 30-65 years olds in the intermountain west region. We targeted academic administration, who also have a role in Marketing Communications and Recruitment.



Facebook ad conversion rate


CPC compared to RFP

Results and Future Plans

While the click-through rate wasn't exceptional (1.07% compared to the average of 1.5%), conversions from the campaign were well above average. The 12.34% conversion rate beats out the 9.21% average for Facebook Ads (all industries). Considering the form submission is a tough commit these days, that's an impressive conversion rate. Further, the leads that were generated have been highly valuable and are the exact target for the campaign.