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GoSpotCheck: Boosting Brand Awareness with SEO

By building out an SEO foundation and content strategy, field data collection company GoSpotCheck was able to drastically improve brand awareness and organic search visitors, growing their company into an industry leader in 12 months.

Previous Challenges

One of GoSpotCheck’s greatest features is also its greatest obstacle: the malleability of their software. The flexibility of the software provided countless opportunities for customers to customize their software to meet their unique needs. However, this malleability also presented a difficult question: How do we market this?

How We Helped

Coming in at an early stage in GoSpotCheck’s story, we worked with their marketing team to identify the most valuable phrases to their business, and position their website to rank higher on search engines for those terms. Our process began with researching the most valuable terms for their business, optimizing their website to rank for those search queries, and combining the implementation of our content strategy with ongoing refinements to our optimization efforts to enhance their rankings over time.

We focused on the most important on- and off-page SEO signals, such as title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions, while also using scientifically-backed methods to increase social engagement on their content.



increase in brand lift


increase in website conversions

Results and Future Plans

Stay the course with what's worked historically, while introducing a more focused approach to content creation and link building. By creating engaging content their target audience will want to read, GoSpotCheck will be poised to more quickly increase organic links, traffic and ultimately leads and sales.