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Ecomark Solar: Maximizing Digital ROI with Inbound Marketing

By re-designing Ecomark Solar's website for conversion rate optimization and instituting inbound marketing best practices, Brightlark was able to greatly increase overall site traffic, digital leads, and sales for this Denver-based solar company.

Previous Challenges

Ecomark was sitting on an outdated website that didn’t accurately reflect the brand online. They also weren’t engaged in any proactive digital marketing efforts, which made them believe they were missing out on countless opportunities to grow their business.

How We Helped

The first step in any inbound campaign is to ensure the client has a strong web presence with a website built to convert traffic. Keeping target personas, desired functionality and company goals in mind, Brightlark built a robust website to achieve EcoMark’s goals. The new website better demonstrated their corporate brand, it was usable on all devices (desktop, tablet and phone), and was built with multiple paths to convert traffic.

The second step in this project was to implement inbound marketing best practices into their business. Relying heavily on content production and promotion, Brightlark was able to increase EcoMark’s organic traffic and on-site conversion rates. Utilizing HubSpot’s CRM, we were able to track digital leads to sales and revenue, enabling us to report an accurate ROI on the campaign.



overall return on investment


increase in digital leads