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Uncover major opportunities for business growth with a comprehensive digital marketing audit.

As we lead your business through our custom 8-step digital marketing audit, we take a close look at your marketing efforts to date—helping us determine exactly where to focus our efforts for the greatest impact.

Digital Marketing Audits

We dive into every area of digital marketing to get a clear
understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Our audit includes a review of your website, analytics tracking, SEO, and much more in search of low-hanging growth opportunities. During the audit, we analyze the following areas:


Utilizing Google’s web.dev and Lighthouse tools, we will analyze your website’s performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO to determine how well your website is serving your visitors.

Google Analytics

We analyze the install of your GA scripts, the configuration of your admin panel, and the data presented in your reports to ensure you’re tracking clean data we can all trust.


Referencing reports from ahrefs and SEMRush, we check for any indexation issues, score your on-page SEO elements, look for thin or duplicate content, and find gaps in your content strategy to ensure your site is seen and easily understood by search engines.


We analyze the sessions and backlinks associated with each page of your site to see if there are opportunities to improve your content strategy based on real visitor engagement metrics.

Social Media

By analyzing your social media posts, engagement metrics, referral traffic and most shared content, we can assess your social growth opportunities and ways to improve your social presence.

Paid Search

Our paid search audit will look at your tracking setup, campaign settings, audience targeting, as well as your keyword, ad, and landing page relevance to seek ways to optimize results within your determined budget.

Conversion Paths

With an understanding of your target buyers and their journey in mind, our team will analyze your current website goals and conversion rates, your site usability and effectiveness, and incorporate predictive AI modeling and heatmaps to optimize your site for visitor engagement.

HubSpot Portal

Our Hubspot portal audit will review your overall portal usage, your contact, company and deal volumes, and more, to determine how we can be more effective at attracting, engaging, and delighting your visitors.

Digital Marketing Audits

From our findings, we're able to get clear on a compelling strategy for your business.

Once we've determined what’s working, what’s not, and where we should focus first, we embark on one-time Foundational work, which sets the stage for future growth. Following the Foundational Work, we’re all set to launch your campaign. We will start to track data, seek trends, and optimize all elements of your campaign for ongoing growth and success.

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