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Turn your website into a conversion machine with expert, science-backed optimization.

Traffic is great, but customers are better. Through conversion rate optimization, or CRO, Brightlark helps turn qualified leads into customers by applying a dynamic understanding of analytics, psychology, and user experience.

CRO Services

Our approach to CRO is comprehensive and insightful.

By employing robust software, AI tools, and UX knowledge, Brightlark is able to
pinpoint conversion holes in your website that you may have never noticed.

Targeted Audiences and The Buyer Journey

Before we analyze surfaced data and provide recommendations, it’s pivotal to utilize existing knowledge of your target audiences. Additionally, it’s incredibly important to have an understanding of conversion funnel concepts.

Current Goals and Existing Conversion Rate

We need to set a baseline by analyzing your current conversion rate, user behavior flow, and goals/conversions. We also want to have an understanding of the purpose of each desired action as well as where in the buyer journey the action should take place.

Usability and Effectiveness

People need to quickly understand what a page is about. The content and the way it is presented should be done in a way that is easily comprehensible. It should also be clear what we want them to do that fits within a specific journey or funnel stage.


Brightlark utilizes user tracking and heat mapping tools to gather insight on how your current visitors are interacting with the site. We also run recommendation concepts through an artificial Intelligence tool that simulates human vision and predicts where users will focus their attention.
CRO Services

We analyze key data insights from your website to craft the perfect plan for conversion.

What sets Brightlark apart? Our powerful combination of hands-on analysis and advanced AI scanning helps us understand where your visitors' eyes go first and what their intentions are. This data is key in shaping the strategy for your website's copy, layout, and design.

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