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Our framework is simple, logical, and ultra-focused on bringing you incredible results.

Our proven Brightlark Method has helped businesses of all sizes and industries attract qualified website strangers, engage them into leads, and nurture them into delighted customers.

Why Brightlark

The Brightlark Method accelerates results by combining inbound marketing with paid media expertise.

Using a strategic, multi-step approach that we call the Brightlark Method, we learn as much as possible about your business, customers, and competitors, then build the base that will help your company widen its brand reach and improve sales.

By incorporating both inbound marketing and paid media into our client campaigns, we build long-term value through SEO and content, while driving short-term wins through paid advertising.

1. Discovery Phase

First and foremost is learning more about you and your business. In our proprietary process, we gather loads of information about how your business is set up, what you offer to customers, how you’re currently marketing those products and services, and where we can truly differentiate you from your competitors.

From all of this data, we then build out a custom Discovery Summary and Growth Proposal. This is the foundation that will get you results in the areas you want to improve—inbound campaigns, blogs and interactive content, metrics for success, and ultimately, new leads and more closed sales.

Key Results

  • Identify target audience and optimal promotional channels
  • Produce buyer personas to provide visibility on where to focus efforts
  • Analyze past marketing activities to pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Develop goals and create strategies to attract leads and improve sales
2. Implementation Phase

Now is the time to put plans into action. This is where we set the various strategies into motion—integrating your business software and creating inbound campaigns to generate leads, implementing SEO tactics to grow organic reach for your website, and fine tuning your sales process to bring in those new customers.

Key Results

  • Optimize your SEO efforts, implement strategies to help improve your organic footprint
  • Build your PPC account, craft thoughtful ad copy, launch campaign
  • Generate and nurture leads through inbound marketing methods
  • Grow your sales and ultimately your business
3. Ongoing Management

Adaptability is a large part of success. We ensure that you stay on target by monitoring key metrics like rankings and organic traffic, reporting back to you with full transparency so you know that everything is running smoothly. When needed, we tweak the approach to satisfy the demands of new challenges, making certain no hurdles can prevent you from getting to the next level.

Key Results

  • Monitoring of key success metrics
  • Frequent analysis of and reporting on your results
  • Optimization of elements like PPC keywords
  • Updates to campaigns and strategies to sustain success
Case Study: The Receptionist

How we increased paid search conversions by 300% while spending less

By implementing major keyword clean-up, ad group consolidation, and improved conversion goal tracking, Denver-based software company The Receptionist saw its conversion rate triple while spending much less per conversion.


Get the lowdown on what an engagement with Brightlark looks like.

Should I hire an agency like Brightlark or a full-time, in-house marketing specialist?

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with an agency over an internal hire is having access to specialists from many marketing disciplines versus a single area of focus. These agency specialists will be able to execute necessary campaign work faster and to a higher degree of quality than a general marketer.

As a team, we are constantly aware of the changing landscape of digital marketing—like updates to Google's search algorithm or an increasing trend towards a specific type of content. An in-house hire may be attuned to some of this, but we believe that multiple heads are better than one.

What does a typical week look like?

We typically have bi-weekly meetings with our partners, so if it's a week in which a meeting falls, you and your account manager will discuss work that has been done, work that is in progress, and work that is slated to start soon. We also discuss strategy and results to arrive at what seems to be working, what is not, what we need to do more of, and what we should stop doing.

Outside of meetings with your account manager, we are hard at work. We might be sharpening up your paid search campaigns, implementing on-page SEO optimizations, or digging into the performance of your last campaign and strategizing a plan for the next one.

Who will I be working with?

When working with Brightlark, your main point of contact will be a skilled and organized account manager. However, you will also likely have an SEO specialist, a content specialist, a designer, a paid media specialist, and an experienced project manager all working on your campaign at any given time.

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